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Meditation Musings with Eileen- More Calm, Less Stress

Workshops & Classes Posted on Thu, April 27, 2023 10:56AM

MEDITATION …  Welcome More Calm and a Lot Less Stress into your Life

By Eileen Strong

Top Reasons people want to Learn to Meditate

In last month’s Acorn newsletter, our “Meditation Musings” blog bullet-pointed a list of more than 10 possible potential  benefits of meditation, including reducing your stress levels;  and giving your physical health a boost;

(For the full list,  take a quick click on the following link to revisit that Blog Post and check out the whole list: “MEDITATION MUSINGS: Being More YOU”  It was a pretty varied and diverse list! 

I used the words “possible potential benefits” above because you do have to actually do it in the first place,  and then more you do it, the better you get at it.  Just like building muscle at the gym, your “meditation muscles” get stronger (and more impressive!) with practice!   It IS possible to have a bit of a quick fling with Meditation, and get a life-changing result.  But it’s the longer term Meditators are the ones who report the most significant real-life changes.  

But  HOW can Meditation do all that stuff? Could it REALLY be such a cure-all fix-it miracle-worker? Well, no. I personally wouldn’t say that.. although there are many who claim that to be true.  Let’s remember that are many, many different ways to Meditate and….

Different meditation techniques get different results

What is possible is that when you have a specific aim or purpose in mind, there will be a meditation technique that can help you achieve it. 

When I asked some of my previous Meditation Class Students what the most significant benefits had been for them, one of the Top take-aways was how quickly it can help you to switch from Super-Stressed mode to being Calm-&-Relaxed when you know how.

  • “Surprising how little changes can be made to make any situation more relaxing”
  • “What really surprised me was how quickly I could go from “being in work mode” to  “super relaxed” in such a short space of time”
  • “I learnt how relaxation techniques can be applied almost anywhere and not confined to a darkened room”
  • “Excellent for asserting some  control when feeling overwhelmed or anxious”

If managing and reducing stress levels in your life is very important to you, then Meditation can be a self-help technique that could be for you.  Let’s see why.

Meditation: reducing Stress Levels

One of the earliest published research studies on Meditation was released in the 1960’s with the work of Dr Herbert Benson, who famously measured the brainwave activity of a significant number of meditators who were practicing a specific Meditation technique.   He also measured physiological changes that corresponded with the changing brainwave activity.  He essentially proved that meditation could induce a physical state of deep relaxation. 

Back in the 1960’s,  it was pretty ground-breaking research of it’s time and was instrumental in bringing Meditation to the attention of a more mainstream audience.  

In  more recent times, the “Mind-Brain-Body” connection (Mind-Body Medicine)  is becoming more widely researched, recognised and understood.  You’ve  probably heard both those terms bandied about quite a lot in wellness circles; especially in holistic/alternative approaches to health.

With the subsequent development of scientific instruments and rising interest in the potential role of Meditation in Clinical applications (amongst others) we now know so much more about the science behind Meditation, and the whole Mind-Brain-Body connection.

So if getting a better grip on your personal Stress levels is important to you, and you’d like to learn a basic Meditation technique geared to help you with that, are you ready to give it a go?  Read on! 

Join our Monthly Class

This  Mind-Brain-Body connection was the theme for our Group Meditation Class earlier this month, where we came together to enjoy not only a Meditation for Relaxation, but also a true Mind-Body Medicine self-healing technique too.   (More on those in future posts!)

Our monthly class here at Acorn is suitable for beginners through to more experienced meditators and we explore different themes each time.  It’s a very friendly, informal class with chairs provided for your use.  Check directly with us for the latest schedule.

(At time of writing in May 2023,  these are on the 3rd Wednesday Monthly 7pm through to end of July only.  Summer/Autumn classes will have a new schedule so do check back with us for the latest timings).

To Pre-book your place on our Monthly Meditation Classes, click here: EileenStrongCoaching-Events

For more information on any of the above topics, or to enquire about private 1-2-1 meditation sessions, click here: Contact_Eileen  

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you welcome More Calm and Less Stress into your life.

Meditation Musings with Eileen

General Health & Wellbeing, Workshops & Classes Posted on Thu, March 30, 2023 10:38AM

MEDITATION …  Helping you Learn more about Being more You  

By Eileen Strong

Time to Be. 

 We talked in previous blogs about Meditation being a tool you can use to switch yourself from a stressed, anxious, or over-busy mind state, to a state where you can experience a depth of calmness, peace, and relaxation .. simply by developing a little more self awareness of your “state of being” during your busy day, and deciding to Just Do It!  

We also thought about how this needn’t be a lengthy process, and if you can find even just a spare minute or two, there are ways even The Busiest Person In The World could fit it into their day .. if they really want to.  Check back on last month’s blog for some ideas on how you might be able to do that with your own busy schedule.

Potential Blessings and Benefits of Meditation

I use the word  “potential” in this sub title because the word “Meditation” in itself is an umbrella term for a practice that covers a multitude of different techniques and traditions, and even if we had 4 people in a room “doing” the same Meditation technique, each will have their own unique experience of it. 

But to stick to that “umbrella” terms for now, there are Meditations that will help you:

  • Reduce your levels of stress or anxiety;
  • Reduce physical pain and boost the immune system:
  • Help you develop your mental focus and powers of concentration;
  • Enhance your creativity;
  • Help to open your mind up to new ideas and inspirations:
  • Identify and balance emotional disturbances:
  • Help you to connect with and deepen psychic skills;
  • Connect more intimately with your spirituality;
  • Help you develop greater self awareness;
  • Help you deepen your understanding and awareness of other people;
  • Improve performance in business or sport;
  • Help you make grounded decisions
  • Help you create your own day

Wow, we are literally just scratching the surface here of potential blessings and benefits of Meditation.  Did something leap out at You from this list?  What was that? 

And how does it all work anyways? How can it DO all that stuff?   

Well, speaking from my own experience of Meditation, I do not believe that it is some magical “cure-all”. 

Yet there is undoubtedly a science and wealth of research behind it (particularly in the field of neuroscience) that can help to explain some of those what, where’s, why’s and how’s. 

In addition, it’s absolutely true too that some individuals can indeed have a “quick fling” with Meditation, and as a result, get a potentially life-changing “aha!” moment, deep inner insight or practical take-away everyday relaxation skill that will be endear Meditation forever to them.   This does, however, seem to be quite rare.    

What does seem to be true, though, is that most long-term Meditators will be able to tell you about the richness and reward a longer term relationship with your own Meditation Practice  will bring into your life.

So what is it that you would you like more of in your Life?  How could a regular Meditation Practice enhance your life?  What is that would tick more of your self-care, self-nurture, self-growth boxes? 

Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at Meditation and put a Meditation Me-Time date in your diary .. starting today!  

Want to learn more?

We host regular Monthly Meditation Classes here at Acorn in our Studio, suitable for beginners and re-starters. 

Acorn also has a range of Online Courses too, including our “Learn to Love to Meditate” course;  click the following link to take a look at all of those:  “Learn to Love to Meditate Course

To book a place on our Monthly Class in the Studio, or for more information on anything discussed in this post, simply get in touch with us here at Acorn for more information, or email me direct at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Meditation Musings with Eileen

Workshops & Classes Posted on Thu, January 26, 2023 10:33AM

Meditation .. what’s it mean to You anyway?

By Eileen Strong

Did you know .. that there are 100’s of different ways to “do” Meditation?

I was talking to a guy just before Christmas who had been warned by his GP that he really needed to get his blood pressure a bit lower.    I asked him if he’d ever done any Meditation, or had he thought of learning how to do it, because Meditation can and does tick all the health and wellbeing boxes for the majority of people who try it and get into a regular practice of some sort. Lowering blood pressure is just one of many of those benefits.

  “Oh no,” he said, shaking his head.   “I’m not into all that kind of hippy-woo stuff!”

And I thought to myself, oh, that’s such a shame, if only you’d just give it a try! And what did he mean by “hippy-woo stuff” anyway?

Well, I do know what he means by “hippy-woo!”  Many people think of the social revolution of the 1960’s/early 70’s when they hear the word Meditation, and associate it with .. well, whatever else he associates it with that doesn’t appeal to him about hippies or woo.

Isn’t it a peculiar thing how we all seem to have our own different ideas about Meditation.  I mean, what is it that pops into your head when you hear the word “Meditation”?  

A Tibetan Monk sitting in a cave? 

Maybe a hippy with a guitar, smoking a joint?
Or maybe it means  “meditating” on a problem, and being in deep thought?

Or engaging in some kind of religious prayer or pagan ritual perhaps?

Or maybe you do Yoga or Tai Chi and  just associate Meditation with those or some other relaxing practices.

Truth is, it’s all those things, and more.  There are moving, walking, talking, dancing, sitting, standing, cross-legged, singing, talking, humming, Omming, out-of-body, pain-relief, mindful, compassionate … and a whole lot more Meditations!  Meditations you can do in a minute, or over a couple of hours?

And you know, every different “sort” has it’s own rewards and it’s own benefits. 

I first starting teaching Meditation in 2014 and I like to keep things simple and easy to do.  Maybe I’m just a bit lazy like that.  But why make life more complicated that we need to?

So,  I personally just like to highlight 3 things that 98% of different meditation practices have in common.

Simple Fact No 1: We all breathe while we’re doing it.  Yep. Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be here having this conversation right now.

Simple Fact No 2: We can all attain and enjoy deeper states of calmness and peace while we’re doing it.

Simple Fact No 3: We are mentally alert, yet physically relaxed while we’re doing it.

When we meditate, we can shift ourselves out of our busy, stressy, doing, fretting, over-thinking, over-worrying state, and – simply by deciding to do so – drop into what I call a more “meditative state of being”.  i.e. being calm, focused, yet relaxed.

Even just knowing we can shift from stress-mode to relaxed-mode within the space of 60 seconds is empowering in itself! Would you agree? 

Did you even realise you can do that?

And would you like to find out how easy it can be to do that too?

And, then some, what ARE all those health and wellbeing benefits of Meditation anyway?

We hear about it all the time these days in health and wellbeing circles everywhere, you’ll find it practiced all over the world, and it’s been around for 1000’s of years!  So, there must be something to it, right.

Would you like to find out more about Meditation and how you can easily learn to do it for yourself?

Why  not come along to the monthly Meditation Class that I host here at Acorn.

It’s very friendly, informal and welcoming .. and you’ll learn loads about Meditation, how to do it, and meet some other folks too who are finding out more about it just like you.   

And  before I finish, I’d like to add that I still go to other meditation classes myself too! 

The day we think we know it all

is the day we stop learning.

Would you agree? When there’s 100’s of different ways to “do” it, why just stop there?!

To pre-book your place on Eileen’s upcoming Meditation classes, visit EileenStrongCoaching-Events  or contact her direct at for more information.

WORLD CANCER DAY – 4 Feb – how can we help you?

General Health & Wellbeing Posted on Thu, January 26, 2023 10:26AM

By Eileen Strong 25/1/23

The  “Hidden Costs of Cancer”

I’m very pleased to be able to be able to offer what I refer to as “cancer wellness” and “cancer support” services to those who are on their cancer journey.  I refer to it as “Cancer Journey” because even if a person experienced surgery or cancer treatment in the past, and is now living and enjoying life to the max while in remission from cancer, the treatment process itself can leave a person with many after-effects that leave them feeling very different from “who I was before Cancer”. 

I was really interested to find that this is the theme MacMillan Cancer Support is using this year in recognition of World Cancer Day on Feb 4.  

If this resonates with you, you may like to find out more about that from MacMillan direct.  Here is an extract and link to their website . 

MacMillan Cancer Support
For World Cancer Day on 4 February, we’re talking about the hidden costs of cancer. Alan, Helen and Judith share their stories about going through cancer and some of the challenges people may not be aware of”. Click here to visit MacMillan World Cancer Day

Using this as  a timely theme for this year’s World Cancer Day, I would really like to reach out to you if you are one of those people  on their “Cancer Journey” and invite your feedback .. because here at Acorn, we’d like to be able to do more to help you too.

Our “Cancer Wellness” Initiative at Acorn

We’ve got a team of Practitioners here who want to hear how we can do that.  This is an exciting initiative  for us, because whilst we are already providing a number of cancer wellness services, it helps us to raise awareness of the some of the lesser known challenges of living with the effects – and after-effects – of cancer treatment.  

Let’s just have a quick chat about some of those very same challenges  that my own cancer-journey clients, family members, friends and colleagues have discussed with me.  You might find some of them quite surprising .. and this really is just scratching the surface: 

  • Ooh ssshhhh don’t use that C World! ?!  Some of us really feel very very uncomfortable about using that “C” word. I mean C as in Cancer of course.  Nobody is denying that a cancer diagnosis IS a serious thing and something we don’t like to have shoved in our faces.  But then, 30 years ago, we had the same issue with Mental Health.  Oooh, don’t talk about it; just bung folks in a mental health hospital and give them electric shock treatment; that should sort the job out. Shouldn’t it? Well no,  but it seems that there was a real stigma about mental health issues at that time; when only now are we being more open about it, with celebrities and even royalty openly discussing their mental health needs.  Is it the same for the “C” word now?  Take a deep breath. Just say it. It’s cancer.  It’s not necessarily terminal.  The more we find out about cancer with the advancement of technology and science, the more people are surviving it and living longer.  There are more cancer survivors than ever before.
  • Social Needs – Following diagnosis, you notice that some friends or colleagues “go quiet” when you walk in the  room, or even cross the road, when they see you (or your immediate family) coming. “They just don’t know what to say to me”.  Imagine how this might  feel if it happened to you, whether in good health or otherwise.
  • Victor V Victim Mindset  – Close family, or members of your immediate “social support” circle keep telling you how sorry they are to hear about your terrible diagnosis .. when what you want to hear is less Doom and Gloom and a more pragmatic approach, because you don’t want to feel like a helpless victim; you want to feel optimistic and positive, not negative and disempowered.
  • Not Walking On Eggshells – Your brave ever-smiley face is actually .. just a brave, ever-smiley face.  You’re feeling a lot more inner turmoil than you care to admit.  But you haven’t found a way to let yourself be your authentic self, and just let your mind-body-emotions connect. It’s more important to be the strong one who holds it all together, just like you always have done.   Does that sound like you?
  • Rebuilding Body Strength and Resilience – Following treatment, your digestive tract has been damaged; sexual intercourse is uncomfortable (even if you feel  like doing it), you are constantly managing fluid retention and risk of oedema; not to mention wrestling with your new false teeth and lack of salivary glands.  You didn’t find out about all that till later.
  • Hormones have gone haywire and you feel a bit like an emotional omelette. Your fuse is short, and your sense of humour seems to have done a complete by-pass.  Your energy levels also dip and dive leaving you slightly manic or low and depressed in a heartbeat. Where did that “old you” ever go? 
  • Mental health; recurrent ruminating that affects your sleep patterns .. The memory of the day you got your diagnosis still haunts you; the look on your doctor’s face, the tone of voice, the words .. even after years in remission. Ugh.
  • Loss of Confidence , Self Esteem, and Poor Body Image … we get that don’t we even when we feel relatively healthy.   When you’re trying to find a way to come to terms with the now you, these are just some of the challenges you may experience. 

And the list goes ever on.  This really is – as I said before – just scratching the surface.  Everyone’s experience is different, and unique to them.

 Thing is, you’ve survived it all, and you are still here .. and you want to stay here too and live as full and active a life as you possibly can.  

Tell us how we can help you?

Do any of those specific challenges above resonate with you? Some of the key resources we can help support you with are:

  1. Safe, specialist, massage & comfort-touch based relaxational therapy
  2. Nutritional advice to specifically address minimization of symptoms during treatment and promoting after-treatment recovery
  3. Counselling to help strengthen body image, rebuilding self-esteem and confidence, dealing with loss and grief
  4. Expert Relationship Advice to help navigate the stress, strain, and even breakdown of relationships – our nearest and dearest can worry inconsolably about us, and they feel some stress and strain too. 
  5. Guided visualization and meditation techniques to help creative a positive mindset and induce the proven power of your own inner mind-brain-body medicine.
  6. Gain insights into your body’s energetic (bio-resonant) frequencies and overall energy image, to highlight which areas might need some extra TLC as you move forward on the next part of your health and wellbeing journey. 

The beauty of this offering can be that it helps to significantly reduce the overwhelm of knowing where to exert your energy and resources at a time when you need it most.

Help us to help others – complete our Survey

Please take just 2 minutes out of your busy day to  click below to complete this very short, concise Survey – it will help us to plan and select our Top 3 most  important services that we’ll offer to our clients on the Wellness Day.

Click to Complete Cancer Wellness Day Survey

Just fill in the survey, then click SUBMIT.  You’ll receive a confirmation from JOTFORM to let you know it’s been sent.   Thank you so much for taking the time!  We really appreciate your help.  (Feel free to remain anonymous on the form if you prefer to do so, but if you do share your name and email address, we’re happy to get back to you personally)

Alternatively, please email me direct at to register your interest and receive the survey direct to your inbox.

For  more  about Eileen, visit