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Do you want more PASSION in your LIFE?

General Health & Wellbeing, Workshops & Classes Posted on Mon, December 30, 2019 10:32AM

When you think about the word PASSION, what is the picture that springs to mind?
If you type it into Google images, all you’ll get in the search result is flowers, fruit and sex. And that’s possibly what most of us think about when we hear the word “Passion”.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with flowers, fruit and .. who wouldn’t want a passionate sex life too? BUT, let’s hold our hot sweats and high heart rates for a moment, and look at Passion from a slightly different angle.
Gallup is an American analytics and advisory company that carries out public opinion polls conducted worldwide. In 2017, they published statistics that’s showed only 13% people worldwide are engaged in their jobs i.e. getting true satisfaction and fulfilment in a role that they love. Unhappiness in work, romance, personal finances and body weight all contribute to the number of people who are experiencing life by just “going through the motions”, not living life to the fullest. The good news is that the Passion Test was created to turn those global statistics upside down.
I have been teaching The Passion Test workshop since 2014. On every workshop, I ask the question: what would a Passionate Life feel like to you?
These are some of the answers. Maybe you could add some too?

So where are you on the Passion Scale?
On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being “yay, full on, living life to the max” and 0 being “squat diddly zilch” .. how much passion do you have in your life?
Again, think beyond purely Romance, Chocolates and Flowers in your life. The Passion Test encourages you to THINK BIG! Include all areas that are important to you, such as:
Spirituality House&Home The Environment Relationships Family Health Fitness
Finances Socialising Personal Development Sport Travel Hobbies

Think of all those areas of life, and give your Passion a rating. How did you do? Are you happy with that score?
If you have a high score, then Good Job! You are already mastering the creation of your ideal life and just have a few little tweaks to make.
If you have a really low score, don’t despair! You may feel a bit stuck or blocked or downright disillusioned just now, but you can change that. And it may be that you’ve just not really stopped to think about this before, and you’ve just been “getting on with it” because that’s what you’ve always done.
If you scored somewhere in the middle, then you have some clarity about what you want and where you are going, but maybe just need a few pointers and little tips to help you bring more passion into your life.
And don’t worry too much. Remember, it’s pretty much a socially accepted norm to be unsatisfied, unfilled and generally unhappy (remember that Gallup survey I mentioned earlier?) But it doesn’t have to always be that way.
The Passion Test will show you how, because Passion comes from the heart, and not the Head. And when you tap into your heart energy, you tap into an unlimited resource. I mean, you never run out of love do you? Your heart energy (the source of your passion, courage, and a wealth of other wonderful resources) just expands and expands the more you use it.
When you live your passions, you will align your life more closely with what you love, and feel more empowered about life too. The better your feel about life, the more your inner light will shine; and then you will be in a better position to uplift and inspire other people around you too.
Sounds good? The Passion Test will help you define your Top 5 Passions so you can align your life more with them. And a whole lot more too. Join us on 15 Feb and take your life to the next level.

Sat 15 Feb, 1030-1330hrs, The Studio, Acorn
All workshop materials and light refreshments are provided. The number of places is strictly limited so don’t delay, book your ticket today .. and we’ll see you with the rest of that 13% living a life filled with Passion.



Eileen Strong
Certified Passion Test Facilitator

Using energy to realign posture with the lightest touch

Therapies, Workshops & Classes Posted on Tue, August 20, 2019 06:15PM

See Powerful, Practical Energy Healing in Action!

Find out more about Quantum-Touch energy healing.  And see the body alignment demonstration: no bone crunches! Just the lightest touch.

The event is limited to 1 hour.  As time is limited, attendees will get special event bonuses on QuantumTouch taster sessions and treatments with me, and find out how to get more than £50 off the price of my next QuantumTouch 2-day training.

The event is free, but places are limited so please book by clicking the following Eventbrite link.

CLICK HERE for your ticket to see energy healing in action.

Is it possible?

Being able to alter posture using energy is something that conventional science claims to be impossible.   

However,   I have learnt that it IS possible!  

In fact, as a QuantumTouch practitioner and massage therapist, it’s something I do often as part of my treatments … and there is no bone-crunching or force involved because it is pure energy-work, creating changes on a quantum or sub-cellular level. 

It’s a foundational part of all my therapy work.  I have not only used energy to help realign human structure, I’ve used it for animals too and it’s extremely effective.

Below is a picture of a diary cow having her first QuantumTouch session to help realign her pelvis after a difficult calving.  I’ve worked with an ex racehorse too, and numerous other 4 legged friends that were having issues with pain from structural imbalances.

Seeing is believing

When I first saw someone realign posture using energy,  I wasn’t sure I believed it. It happened in less than 2 minutes and there was no force or manipulation involved. 

That was over 10 years ago at my first ever QuantumTouch weekend workshop.  I was no stranger to energy-work at that time and was open-minded and eager to learn.    I’d already been using Reiki and  Meridian Energy Therapies for several years. 

It was fascinating to watch.  The Instructor invited a member of the audience up to help with the demonstration, and several of us had the opportunity to measure the alignment of the lady’s hips both before and after the demonstration – just like in the picture below.  The pelvis was out of alignment and was 2inches higher on the right hands side, with a pelvic tilt forwards too. 

Everyone in the room held their breath while the healing demonstration was in progress.  Eyebrows were being raised, and people were quietly murmering to eachother.  “Did you see that?”   “It’s straightening”  “The bones are moving!”   At no time during her 2 minute healing session was the volunteer alarmed or worried or concerned about the sensations she was feeling.  She said she had a feeling of peace and calm flow over her and she had a soft smile on her face.

After the 2 minutes were up, her hips were re-measured .. and they were now completely level.  A few of us got up to check and re-check and check again for ourselves!   Yes, we all had to agree, the hips were level and the entire pelvis had realigned, not only left to right, but front to back too.  I was amazed at the speed of it.  I honestly had not seen anything quite like that before.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness the human body in it’s natural rhythm and flow.  It knows what to do to heal itself.   And when you know that,  you can trust it more and more, and just do everything you can to support it.

We are all healers.

It’s a very natural human thing to want to help others, isn’t it?    We all have basic human needs that include love, touch, social support and a sense of connection.    

  • If you have ever felt the desire to help someone else who is in physical pain, you are a healer.  
  • If you have ever reached out to hug someone who was upset and needed comfort, you are a healer.
  • If you have family, friends or pets that you wish you could do more to help, you are a healer.

This basic desire to help comes straight from the heart.  Don’t ever doubt it.  You are already a great healer.

Woo woo or voo doo

When you connect with your heartfelt desire to help,  you are already tapping into a limitless energetic resource you can use to do energy healing.     When you learn how to access this resource, you can do wonderful healing work.  

But what if the concept of energy fields and healing may be a little strange to you.  Perhaps it’s something you think is just some kind of woo-woo or voo-doo and something to that brings up feelings of fear for you.

Or perhaps you are a natural skeptic, and won’t believe anything unless you can see it.

Or, maybe you have thought about energy healing in all its different forms (there are very many!) and wondered if you have to be born a certain way or with a specific gift to be able to do it.

I would just like to say to all of you, you don’t have to believe it.   Nobody is trying to make you believe something you don’t want to. 

But if you are interested, I’d like to invite you along to my upcoming event so you can find out more about it, and see what happens for yourself.  You may even get the opportunity to be a volunteer too.

The event is limited to 1 hour.  As time is limited, attendees will get special event bonuses on QuantumTouch taster sessions and treatments with me, and find out how to get more than £50 off the price of my next QuantumTouch 2-day training.

The event is free, but places are limited so please book by clicking the following Eventbrite link.

CLICK HERE for your ticket to see energy healing in action.

Developing Your Inner Guidance System

Workshops & Classes Posted on Fri, April 06, 2018 03:16PM

By Sally-Anne Marler Creative Awakening Coach, Intuitive & Energy Healer

We all have the ability to tap into a part of ourselves that is wise, supportive, knowledgeable, loving, creative, expansive, all knowing and in tune with our higher good and life purpose. The problem is, we don’t develop this connection and end up rationalising, assuming, second guessing, doing what is expected and taking action based on what we think we should do. As Einstein so rightly points out, we’re forgetting the beautiful gift that lives inside each of us.
I’ve spent a long time, working on and developing the connection to my inner guidance and wanted to share a few things that I’ve discovered in doing this.

1. Your inner guidance can show up in many guises. It can be presented to you as a ‘hunch’ or gut feeling. This is probably the most common form and widely experienced sensation. We’ve all had this feeling at one time in our lives – maybe there’s many times that you can think of but we fail to trust this source and shrug it off, only to find out later we should have gone with our gut!
2. It’s a whisper – not a loud voice in your head. It’s gentle, loving and kind. How many times do you have thoughts that feel quite harsh and self-critical? This is the ego, trying it’s best to keep you safe based on your past experiences by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Your ego isn’t as you might assume – it’s true nature isn’t based on negativity. It’s what we develop as part of our personalities, as part of our survival kit growing up, our behaviours, defences, coping strategies – all of that is ego. It’s connected to survival and doesn’t care about how you survive, often leaving you feeling frustrated, restricted, untrusting and without much faith or hope. When you start to quieten your mind, however you might do this – with music or meditation or practicing mindfulness – listen out for the quiet whisper and ignore the loud thoughts telling you the latest you can’t, you mustn’t – don’t try or trust…etc, etc.
3. It’s connected to something bigger. We hear more and more about working with the universe and the universal laws that are always at play. The law of attraction is a common one that suggests like attracts like for example. People talk about guardian angels and spirit guides, the divine, then there are Gods. Different ones for different religions that support people’s beliefs in something bigger or a ‘higher source’. The point is that we are part of something bigger – regardless of our beliefs or lack of them. Once we learn how to tap into this ‘higher source’ which we can do through our ‘higher self’ a lot of light bulbs start flashing – well they did for me! It’s like being given a bird’s eye view over your whole life and the ability to objectively review it to make the necessary changes you want and need to move forwards with confidence and meaning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy process and you can’t ‘short cut’ what you need to face, heal or learn once you embark on this inner journey but I can guarantee you, it’s worth it!

There are many ways to develop your inner guidance and work with it. I developed mine through creativity and expression, metaphor, using oracle cards, meditation, creative visualisation, reflective practice, recognising syncronicities, numerology, astrology, dream interpretations and so on. I’m running a beginners guide workshop to help others connect to their inner guidance system as I feel we need to start honouring the gift not the servant and everyone should have the ability and confidence to tap into their inner guidance to help and support them along the way. If you’d like to book your place please book here to do so – this is running at an early-brid offer of £32 if you book before 7th July. I also offer 1:1 coaching if you’re interested in embarking on an inner journey – my coaching program is called Brilliantly Shine and start from £55 for an introductory session & welcome gift. Perfect if you feel you’re an empath, struggling to connect to meaning or purpose, have regular feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression or just wanting to learn more about yourself, increase confidence and self-awareness.

Meditate towards a happier you!

Workshops & Classes Posted on Fri, February 23, 2018 02:47PM

By Eileen Strong Therapeutic Massage & Holistic Complementary Therapist

What is meditation anyway?

It’s really just a state of being when your mind becomes quieter. You have less thoughts per minute. That doesn’t sound like much until you stop and notice how many thoughts you are having every minute! If you try sitting down with a piece of paper, and mark it with a tick every time a new thought comes along, you will see what I mean.

So when you notice the noise and chatter in your mind, you can simply decide to slow things down so you feel less bombarded by them. When you learn to meditate, you learn to listen to your thoughts in a different way, observe them and manage them, so they begin to feel less overwhelming.

Your brain has a range of different operating frequencies, depending on what you are doing in the course of your day. I like to think of this like the gears of a car that you adjust to travel smoothly at the speed you need. So as your mind grows quieter and more calm, it begins to slow down though it’s gears and that, in turn, triggers the activation of many wonderful chemical/hormonal reactions in your body that have a whole range of benefits.

And as your mind and body become more relaxed and balanced, your emotions benefit too. This is why the holistic approach to health and wellbeing is so effective, because then benefit the whole person, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

So its win-win really. It can just take a little practice. There are different types and styles of meditation, so it’s worth trying as many as you can to find which works best for you. Here are just a few of the recorded benefits:

– It reduced levels of stress and anxiety

– Helps reduce physical pain and boost the immune system

– Lowers blood pressure

– Increases blood flow to the brain and improves your powers of concentration

– Promotes deep sleep

– Balances the emotions

– Helps your develop deeper self awareness

Developing a regular meditation practice, either daily or a few times a week, even for 5 or 10 minutes (whatever you can manage in your routine) can really make a difference.

You learn techniques during meditation that you can embrace within the rest of your day, to help you feel calmer and less pulled about by the people and the world around you.

And of course, the more you feel like that, the better decisions you make.

And the better decisions you make, the better your life becomes. Simples.

So why not give meditation a try. At Acorn, my classes use guided meditation/visualisation with a focus not only on relaxation, but also on self healing , empowerment and positive life changes.

We also have special guest teachers along from time to time so that you can experience other types of meditation too (such as our very popular Zen Meditation night last year with my good friend Jibul from Peak Zen .. and we have a few more lined up too, so do keep your eyes peeled for those!)

Here’s our upcoming dates:

Introduction to Meditation Weds 11 April 7-8 pm £8

Suitable for new starters and people who are a bit rusty, an informative and experiential evening. What is meditation? How do you do it? Why would you want to? And could it be fun?

4-Part Series – Meditations for Wellbeing Weds 2, 9, 16, 23 May 7-8 pm £7 /£20 prebooked

Meditations that cover a mind, body, spirit and emotions them to give you a broad experience and plenty of benefits.

NEW Monthly Meditation Mastery Class Weds 7 March, Weds 4 April 7-8pm £7 / block book discount available

A regular monthly class for people who have had some experience and are making meditation a part of their daily life, to help you become the master of your meditation practice. Guest teachers from time to time.

Do get in touch with us to register your interest and book a place. Pay on the night.

Contact Eileen direct on 07745 409059, email or Acorn.

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