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How you talk to yourself matters

General Health & Wellbeing Posted on Thu, August 25, 2022 11:43AM

Do you talk to yourself??? 

The answer is undoubtedly yes! We all do, maybe it stays in our heads, maybe it’s out loud, but either way we all do it. 

But, did you know the importance of your self talk? And that it can either help you to get what you want out of life or block you from getting it? 

Once you know, you know. It’s not whether you talk out load or not, it’s the type of language you use that makes the difference between achieving what you want… or not. 


**Your automatic thoughts are changeable **

It takes practice, but it can be quite fast once you make the decision to just do it. 

So here’s how.

  1. start noticing what kind of self talk pops up for you. Is it worrying thoughts of what might go wrong? Critical thoughts about yourself or your abilities? 
  2. Jot them down
  3. When you have a reasonable sized list to work with, have a look at what you’ve written. Would you say any of those things out loud to someone you love and or respect? Probably not. Think what the opposite is to each negative thing you have written. E.g. I’m rubbish at cooking (but would like to be good). Could be changed to; I can give myself the time and space and correct ingredients and practice to become better at cooking. 
  4. Write a new positive, kind sentence for every negative one. 
  5. Rip up the negative list and throw it away. 
  6. Every time you find yourself thinking or starting to think a negative or unkind thought, stop and swap it for a positive, kind one. 
  7. Practice, practice, practice! This will build new neural pathways in your brain (neuroplasticity)  and gradually become your new automatic thinking process. 

With these improved thoughts your mind will begin to automatically seek out the things you want, noticing opportunities that it would previously have steered you away from. 

Have a go, it costs nothing and you have so much to gain. I’d love to hear how you get on. 

Sally 😊

The most common questions I get asked about hypnotherapy… and the answers.

General Health & Wellbeing, Therapies Posted on Thu, March 24, 2022 02:03PM

Q. Can everyone be hypnotised?

A. Yes, if they want to be. The hypnotic state is natural and we all drift in and out of it many times a day. When working with a hypnotherapist, we use this natural state to make the changes you want to see in your life. We all have free will and we choose how much effort we want to put into something or guidance to follow. 

Q. Does it work?

 A. Much like the answer to the above question, yes if you want it enough. I can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to, or stop them from doing something that they want to do. But hypnotherapy is very powerful for getting you to feel differently in situations where you want to see and feel change. 

Q. How will I know when I’m in a hypnotic trance? 

A. Its not what most people expect and this is in part because we are all unique and experience things differently. For some its just a feeling of being a little relaxed, some people feel like they are floating, or sinking into the comfort of the chair. Some see colours and some feel like their hands have grown in size – yes I know that sounds odd, but its not uncommon for me to see a client look at their hands when they open their eyes to check what they look like. 

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. This depends what you are seeking hypnotherapy for. Generally, to stop smoking its a single session of 90 mins. Simple phobias, 2-3 sessions on average. For anxiety usually around 5-10 sessions. For weight loss and IBS, I run a 5 session programme.  

Q. How often will I need to come?

A. Weekly or fortnightly is best, there’s no point in coming more than once a week as your mind needs time to process what we do in the session, before the next one. More than 2 weeks and we lose momentum on what we’re working through, so 1-2 weeks between sessions is the ideal for the best outcome in the minimum amount of sessions. 

If you have any questions that aren’t covered above, do let me know, I’ll be happy to do another Q & A, or feel free to book a free of charge consultation if you’d like a chat with me.