by Sally Race

Breakfast like a king lunch like peasant and dine like a pauper- you might have heard that before, but is it fact or is it fiction when it comes to helping you lose weight?

In some recent research carried out under study conditions, participants ate exactly what they were given, no more no less. It was done over a period of four weeks and they ate the same amount of calories, they all ate the same nutritional values and same balance of protein, fat and carbs. Some ate the bigger meals in the morning and some in the evening.

The results?

The results showed that there is no difference in how much weight people lost. So you may think that when you eat makes no difference. BUT that’s not true & the reason why was actually in the participant feedback rather than the study results. There was a significant difference that in the real world(so non study conditions)I think will make a major impact and that is that, consistently the people that were having the Big Breakfast in the morning and the light meals later on reported that they weren’t hungry as opposed to the other group where they were eating bigger meals at night were hungry on the exact same calorie controlled diet.

So in the real world what’s going to work?

If you’re going to feel hungry, you’re going to eat more. If you’re not going to feel hungry, you’re going to eat less. So maybe there’s something in it after all. I don’t think there’s any one magic bullet when it comes to weight loss, I think a lot of it is in our heads, how we think and feel. There’s a lot of what we eat that messes with our hormones & hormones are a massive thing on how body stores fat, how our bodies work and function so there’s not just one thing, it’s a multitude of things. If we add in one thing here and one thing there, the whole combination together can make a really big difference in being successful in being a healthier weight and having a healthy body in general, not just that but the impact that has on our minds, because it’s frequently underestimated the amount of difference in what we eat has on our mental health. So it all combines!