Summer and warm weather are approaching in big steps (or so I hope!)

Are you planning a vacation or a stay-cation this year?

Hotel at the seaside or a camping trip?

Evening strolls on the beach or a BBQ in the garden?

Whatever your plans are, I have some tips to make your holidays less stressful with a little help from….


Homeopathic remedies are indispensable both in long and short-stay journeys.

I always take my Homeopathic First Aid kit with me whenever I go away.
Why, you might wonder?

Well, that’s because I like to refer to natural and toxin-free ways for dealing with health problems, whether they are painful grazed knees, itchy mosquito bites or a headache from being in the sun for too long!

Homeopathy has over 4000 remedies, so it is very easy to feel baffled when trying to depict which one is the most suitable for your problem.

As I like to make life as nice and easy as possible, I thought I will put list of some of the most common problems experienced by holidaymakers at the start of they journey with the most popular remedies needed to alleviate them 🙂

I think every one of us knows somebody who is scared of flying (or maybe it’s even you!).

If the thought of going on an airplane makes you feel dizzy and turns your legs into jelly, you can try to take a dose (or two) of Gelsemium before venturing out on your journey to the airport, and then again whilst waiting to board.

Motion sickness? Not a problem! Motion sickness can affect us in different ways (and so we might need different remedies to address it), two of the most common scenarios are:

If you go pale, cold (yet sweaty) and shivery, then you would certainly benefit from a remedy called Tabacum, you can take it before a planned journey as well as during, if needs be.

If, however, the worst thing during travelling is the smell (or even thought) of food, your stomach feels cold and hollow whilst the rest of your body is all trembley and weak, you can opt for Cocculus.

Jetlag is definitely one of the problems which can put you off enjoying your getaway to the full for the first few days. To prevent and ease the possibility of feeling jetlagged, you can take Arnica just before, during and after the journey.

Did you know that you can use homeopathy for both minor problems and chronic conditions?

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