By Sally-Anne MarlerIntuitive Card Reader & Angelic Reiki Practitioner

There has been lots of talk about Empaths and Energy Vampires recently – some of the top specialists on this subject include Dr Christiane Northrup and Judith Orloff to name a few. So what do these terms refer to and what do they mean?

Essentially it’s all about energy! How your energy can be affected by other people, situations, events – even certain foods, drinks (especially caffeine and alcohol).

Some people that fit into the empath category may have been called overly-sensitive or highly sensitive by others. These people have natural empathy for others, but what makes someone an empath – is that they can usually feel the feelings of others, or at least pick up on them to some degree. This isn’t about taking on social cues and reading non-verbal communication. It’s about being able to tell what someone is really feeling (usually by feeling it themselves through a felt-sense)…behind the mask, the facial expresssions and the words they are using.

An Energy Vampire – is someone who can leave Empaths feeling tired, drained, overwhelmed, or even a little bit sad for no apparent reason. They often have narcissistic tendancies, can be very good manipulators but charmers on the outside. They tend to blame everyone else for everything, have gaslighting behaviours (making you question yourself, your choices, what really happened etc). They can only see how something affects them – and so have very little empathy.

The danger is when you get a relationship dynamic between an Empath and Energy Vampire. More so for the Empath for obvious reasons. Being in one of these relationships long-term can have detrimental affects to your mental and emotional health.

I have many clients that fall into the Empath category. Their energy is greatly affected by the energy vampire – I’ve been in this situation several times myself as an empath and know only too well how dangerous it is. I work with clients to help them feel a bit clearer, lighter and stronger energy wise.

Here are the top 5 signs you’re an Empath:

1. You know that you can pick up on other people’s feelings and may either internalise this as your own feelings or suddenly notice a change in your mood around certain people.

2. Being around a lot of people at the same time leaves you feeling tired and overwhelmed. This might mean you tend to avoid big social get togethers.

3. You may have developed an intolerance to certain food groups and be more sensitive to things like caffeine or alcohol. Your immune system will have taken a hit and it can manifest in this way. If this is the case, always seek medical advice in the first instance.

4. You’re intuitive. You have a sense of knowing, or you may have a strong gut feeling about certain things. You might be highly visual or can just feel really in tune with your guides/angels/the universe.

5. You’re a giver. Let’s be honest, being on the receiving end of anything isn’t really your strong suit is it. You find it easier to give because you want to help and sometimes feel like you don’t deserve to receive. Asking for help, taking a compliment or being open to new and exciting opportunities may be hard for you.

I hope you’ve found this useful and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me: I offer intuitive readings and angelic reiki to help you gain the insight, guidance and support you need going forwards.

Sending you much love from my heart to yours.
Sally x