By Laura Kirkman, Professional Sports and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist
Sports Massage is very useful at identifying postural imbalances as well as getting to the root cause of why you’re experiencing pain in a certain area. A postural imbalance in itself can cause pain for certain individuals but left untreated could turn into chronic pain. Just so you know having a postural imbalance can affect absolutely anybody, any age, any gender, any career path!

So what I’m proposing to you is why not try a course of Sports Massage instead of being on pain relieving medication for the rest of your life. A course of Sports Massage Treatment could be a couple of sessions or over a couple of months or even over a year, as our bodies respond differently to treatment and we are all unique to our physical ailments and how they effect us so there is not a one treatment plan fits all.

A course of Sports Massage starts off with a detailed consultation to find out more about your lifestyle, your occupation, what pain you’re experiencing and what you would like to achieve. We will then talk about a plan together to see how often you can come as I know massage can be seen as a luxury but my prices are very reasonable so hopefully I have something to suit all. Each treatment I do is tailored specifically for you, with the pressure as light or as deep as you like, I like to work within your pain threshold. After the treatment I can demonstrate stretches and strengthening exercises, which can really help minimise and manage your own pain at home whilst going through the treatment process.

Here is some info on postural imbalances as I’m sure it sounds a bit scary for some but don’t worry, as it’s not. A postural imbalance can occur just from day to day life and it may not create pain for everybody. A good way to explain it is almost like how your sub conscious mind works but transfer it to the body, so its positions and postures that the body gets used to that aren’t necessarily good for your posture. The longer this happens without your attention been brought to it you drift further away from the bodies natural alignment, when not in alignment or balance this is when you can start experiencing pain. In general when your made aware of it you can then actively start to change these postures and positions.

Get in contact today to arrange you’re free no obligation Consultation to see if this course of Treatment could benefit you.

Written by Laura Kirkman

A Sports and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist based at Acorn Natural Health Centre