Indian Head Massage – a
wonderful treatment in its own right

This is a wonderfully relaxing massage treatment in a class all of it’s

The client is comfortably seated in a low-backed chair for this massage,
which makes it perfect for the less able-bodied amongst us.

And it can be with or without
massage oils making it ideal for home visits or the workplace, as well as the
treatment room.

It provides a wealth of physical and psychological benefits .. and you
needn’t go all the way to India for one either!

So what is it?

Indian Head Massage (or “Champissage”) combines stimulation of acupressure
points with a wonderful range of
relaxing massage moves to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues,
muscles and joints of the neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, neck, face, and scalp.

What are its origins?

Indian Head Massage has
derived from the ancient Ayurvedic healing system and dates back more than
4,000 years. The art is still passed
down the generations by Indian women today,
being taught to children so that they can return the favour to their
parents and other relatives!

In the West, Indian Head
Massage has been adapted to help eliminate stress and tension in our hectic
lives, and will usually combine both traditional Indian and western massage

It is a true “holistic” treatment as it can be
applied purely for deep relaxation, or from a healing approach involving work
on the energy centres referred to as chakras.

An Indian Head Massage is carried
out as a separate treatment in its own right, yet can also be combined with
other treatments and is often used alongside conventional care in hospices,
hospitals and other healthcare settings.

What are the benefits?

* Gently relieves muscular stiffness and

* Helps you let stress
and anxiety melt softly away

* Can help relieve
depression, and improve concentration

* Lifts the emotions and
helps you feel deeply calm and peaceful

* Can help release
endorphins to help with positive thinking

* Promotes deeper,
calmer breathing

* Aids relief from
tension headaches, eyestrain and migraines.

* Softens and nourishes
the skin and assists healthier hair

* Stimulates circulation
and lymph drainage aiding elimination of toxins and odema
* Can helps relieve sinus congestion and headaches

* Assists deep, peaceful

Can everyone enjoy and Indian Head Massage?

There are certain
conditions where you should avoid massage e.g. epilepsy, certain heart
conditions, contagious skin diseases or
if you have had recent surgery. A full consultation will take place prior to
your treatment, which will provide me with the opportunity to ensure massage is
right for you. However, if in any doubt, please talk to your doctor
before arranging a treatment.

What happens in a treatment?

The client is seated on a low-backed chair
for Indian Head Massage, making it ideal for the less able bodied client. As a treatment couch is not essential, it is
also suitable for treatments at home or in the workplace. (Contact Eileen for more information on
arranging office/home treatments)

An Indian Head Massage can be carried out either with or without massage oils. Without oils, the client can remain fully
clothed, wearing a loose-fitting, comfortable tee-shirt or something similar.

When oils are used, the client removes upper outer-clothing
and a large towel wrapped around to
ensure modesty. Oils help ensure a
smoother massage and a range of beautifully aromatic, blended oils are
available to help enhance your massage experience.

A full Indian Head Massage lasts around 40
minutes, but do allow a full hour for your appointment so you can take time
after your massage session to drink a glass of water whilst you sit quietly,
gently bring your awareness fully back to the present.

Shorter taster sessions are also available if
you’d like to come along and give it a try for the first time. Contact Acorn for details on latest Taster
Session offers!


Some clients can
feel extremely tired or slightly dizzy after treatment, so it is essential to arrange
your Indian Head Massage for a time when you can return to a relaxing
environment afterwards and keep warm, as massage reduces your blood pressure. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding
caffeine/alcohol will help your body de-tox so you get maximum benefits from
your treatment. You will receive full
free aftercare advice following your treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

A single treatment
will be deeply relaxing and beneficial for you and it can be tailored to
provide an emphasis on specific areas of concern e.g. congested sinuses, stiff
neck etc.

You can also
include a regular monthly Indian Head Massage treatment as part of your own health
and wellbeing regime.