mind mapping colours

“How you allow yourself to think today, directs the actions of your heart tomorrow”

-Theo Gimble

Your mind is continuously growing and creating your world. The saying goes: if there’s something in your life you’re not happy with, then change your mind about it. Changes don’t come from without, they come from within. Your mind is a very powerful chamber that is continuously:

  • Conceiving Thoughts
  • Birthing Ideas
  • Creating Reality

To explain how the mind works really is an impossible task, and I’m certainly not a mind reader!! But I have found a way to show how you weave in/out of the following:

  • Left & Right Brain
  • Feminine & Masculine
  • Intuit & Logic
  • Lunar & Solar Energy

The purpose of a Mind Map is for you to see how your thoughts form, and it will highlight your repeated patterns and habits that have held you captive.

Understanding ‘How and Why’ you think they way you do is the key ingredient to bring about changes in your life.

A Mind Map will offer you ‘Healing of the Inner-Split’ and restore you to a state of EQUILIBRIUM.