Your name is so much more than just a label!!
A name is a special creation that both ‘mother & father’ attune or agree to when its given to their baby. A name has to feel right or resonate with both parents and the baby’s Soul for this ‘sacred exchange’ of energy to take place. It is said that “a Soul could not rest if it’s name were given to someone else”
A name carries its own ‘Signature’ of energy through…Sound, Colour & Rhythm… All letters of the alphabet (vowels & consonants) have a vibratory significance and depending on how they are arranged together to form a name, indicates how certain energies are released in that person’s life.
The art of ‘Name Interpretation’ is a spiritual science and to be able to do it you have to understand ‘The Law of Vibration’. I am a ‘Vibrational Therapist’ I was taught this through my years of study within the area of Colour. But I also understand it on another level through a condition I have known as ‘Synaesthesia’ this is were letters & numbers are sounds & colours to me which then trigger words with meaning. I’m able to translate and explain the Colours or energy of a name. Colour is my medium, it is the tool I work with for all my treatments.

Receiving a ‘Name Interpretation’ helps you to..

  •  See its unique ‘Personality Power’ which is an indicator of your true Purpose.
  • Discover its greatest ‘Challenge’ that you’re to overcome in order to grow and move forward. 
  • Become aware of its ‘Gifts & Abilities’ that assist you in achieving your life’s goals. 
  • Receive an overview of your ‘Life Energy” from the Colour theme of your spoken name.

If you are interested to know ‘What’s in your Name?’ or would like to ‘Gift’ someone special in your life, then follow the link
With Warm L♡VE Paula-Marie x