As we step into 2021, with a common understanding of what it is to stay within the bounds of our homes, those 4 walls and our comfort zones we have simultaneously learnt that there is no such thing as security for what is projected to be.

Many of us have lost jobs, began the search for a new one or ventured into starting our own businesses to provide a solution to the world’s current problems.

We know that the world is quite literally rocky terrain and with the prospects of a climate disaster, our generations and the future generations yet to come hold even less security, than what we have felt this year.

I write to provide some hope to the population that maybe we might consider stepping out of our comfort zones to try something new, prescribe to something bigger, something better, a new paradigm that consists of belief; the belief that we are capable of doing a whole heap more, belief in the essence of providing for ourselves and our families in the midst of a pandemic and belief in whatever may come next.

How you provide can come in many ways; financially, physically, emotionally, the basics of shelter, food and water but none of these are successful unless we nurture ourselves with what we need most self-care, love, warmth and kindness. Our outlook and our perception is all it takes to create a luminous world of opportunity. We have knowledge to understand that we don’t know everything and that that is ok. As long as our minds provoke and encourage us to be more and to do more of what makes us feel nourished, mindful in the fact that we can accomplish all we set out to. The more encumbered behaviours we bestow the more we face malnutrition, malnutrition of the values we hold, a filtered down version of that which is good for us.

With the New Year in bloom, I ask that you truly assess whether you are aligned with the nourishing activities that make you feel whole, real and alive. If you are not, I request that you practice mindfulness and sync your reality to the one you wish for.

Coaching can help you hold yourself to account so that more of your behaviours are in line with the world you want to create for yourself.