Diamonds, alongside approximately 6000 different substances, have been made into a homeopathic remedy. Their prescription is based on the degree of the symptom similarity between the homeopathic picture of Diamond and the individual person.

So, who is the person who might need a Diamond as their remedy?

People who represent the energy of a Diamond are strong, ambitious and very hard working. They are perfectionist who take a lot of pride in their profession and like to shine, having reached the top rung of their career ladder. These type of people had to withstand a lot of pressure in their lives in order to become who they are now. But being at the pinnacle can be a lonely experience which can lead to dissatisfaction.

Diamond can represent the deepest, darkest and most overwhelming type of depression. Just like diamond can shatter when dropped, these people can feel ‘destroyed’ by life circumstances. There is complete darkness, sense of oppression, pressure closing in on all sides, no matter how hard they are fighting to keep it at bay. Previously sharp intellect can become dulled and the affected person might complain from cloudiness of thoughts and can even start making mistakes in words whilst talking or writing. Their previous clarity of mind is replaced by inability to make and stick to any decisions, yet we might be able to glimpse their previous need for order and harmony reflected by fixed and compulsive desire for certain things to be done or placed in a particular way.

People who benefit from homeopathic Diamond have problems relating to others because they can feel somewhat ‘detached’, separate, and can be very easily irritated by as little as a wrong word uttered by a wrong time, especially if it came from one of their loved ones. Their pains and sensations have a ‘cutting’  and sharp (as if sharp needles were being driven into affected part of the body) character and are very often accompanied by feeling of icy coldness.

Jadwiga James