Milk (as well as dairy products in general) and its impact on our health has been a subject to much debate in the last couple of years with arguments ranging from our inability to properly digest it, through to increased mucus production, IBS as well as animal welfare concerns.
Is it one of your diet staples?
Cow’s milk is the most popular option of baby milk formula as well as base for many foods and desserts, especially those aimed at the younger population.
Think we are all accustomed with a much advertised phrase that ‘milk is good for strong and healthy bones’ but did you know that it is also a leading cause of fatal anaphylactic shock in children?
Forget bee stings, peanuts or eggs! According to a 20-year-long study, milk is an undisputed causer of severe and life-threating allergic reactions in the younger generation!
Here are some facts:
* 30% of all cases of anaphylactic shock episodes are linked to food items
* hospital admissions for severe allergic responses have increased every year (1998-2018) but their fatality rate is gradually declining.
* EpiPens and other adrenaline injector prescriptions have increased by 336% within the period of this study- that’s 11% more prescriptions needed each year
* most hospitalisations involve children under 15 years of age
* 26% of fatal anaphylaxis in school aged children is linked to cow’s milk

Is milk really a healthy option for our children?

Access the full study here: Food anaphylaxis in the United Kingdom: analysis of national data, 1998-2018