The Mind is our most powerful tool {next to our Heart} it holds our thoughts, our intellect, our moods the whole of our personality.

Would you be surprised to learn there is a map to the human mind?

The mind has many temples, each one having its own gifts and benefits that control different physiological functions as well as stimulating our creative energies. Did you know these energetic spheres within the mind all have their own unique Colour?

I am able to translate the frequency of these Colours to the mind and I can also understand its labyrinth of vibrating neural pathways, to be able create a ‘Mind Map of Colours’ for your greater awareness.

Just to make things clear – I am not a mind reader.. No!!

What I am, is a ‘Colour Therapist’ who uses the sacred language of Colour (as keys) to unlock the doors to your mind and release its great potential. I can bring something through ‘The Veil of Amnesia’ as a soothing salve for your Healing.

The only ingredient you need is an ‘Open Mind’. Once resistance is removed I then ask you to pre-choose  x4 Colours that move you most, then allow me to work on the ‘Colours of your Mind’ over a period of time (4/5 days). After this time you will be ready to receive what is rightfully yours, in the form of a 90min in depth consultation/explanation which includes your hand written personal ‘Mind Map’ to keep. {Fee £45}

Receiving your ‘Mind Map’ means you will be given a ‘Divine piece of Science’ that is filled with words for you to ponder over and process to see how it applies to your life, especially the parts that are most inspiring or that challenge you.

It will change the way you think about yourself and your world, it has the potential to access your higher-self and to see how you have all the answers to your own questions from the inner-world of your own Colourful mind.