Aconite, Aconitum, Wolf’s Bane or Monkshood (due to the curious shape of its flowers), is a highly poisonous plant which can be found in mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. Even being in a close proximity to this plant can cause symptoms in those who are very sensitive to it, yet you can find it growing in abundance beside the mountain paths and clearings.

Why would I mention Aconite as a remedy for shock and fever is it’s so highly poisonous?

Because a Homeopathic preparation of Aconite is completely non-toxic! 
Homeopathy depends on a like-cures-like scenario, so symptoms helped by remedy made from Aconite will be similar to the effects of its poisoning.

When would you benefit from a dose of Homeopathic Aconite:
* let’s say you’ve been out for a walk. The weather has turned quite cold just recently and the wind felt even colder. Upon coming back home you are feeling ‘chilled to the bone’, can’t seem to warm up and just KNOW that this will result in you ending up with a cold, fever or even flu!
* forwarding from the above scenario where you didn’t take Aconite as soon as you came back home (which would have nipped any development of symptoms ‘in the bud’), you wake up flushed and bothered with a fever of 39 degrees! How did it spike up so high? You try to sit up and all of a sudden you feel pale and need to lie back down. Only problem is that you can’t find a comfortable position in your bed. On top of that, you are feeling too hot, then too cold and you are starting to worry that you might not make it till lunch time!
* you have experienced an accident (or narrowly missed one!) which resulted in feelings of intense panic, like the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’. It might have left you feel paralysed, shaky and your heart might have felt as if it was about to burst out of your chest. It might have happened an hour or a year ago but you can’t seem to shake off the feeling you experienced in that situation, it can even come back in form of nightmares which feel so real that you wake up and sit up bolt straight in you bed, trying to figure out if it really was just a dream or if it was happening again.

In essence, you can take a dose of Homeopathic Aconite if:
* you are experiencing an illness which has came on all of a sudden and with great intensity (like a sudden fever after feeling completely healthy the day before). 
* the symptoms you are experiencing have not been present for more than 48hrs
* you are having a panic attack with palpitations and conviction that you will die soon

If you have never used homeopathy before, here are some pointers:
* please do not touch the homeopathic granules with your hands, tip one granule onto the lid before putting it in your mouth
* don’t swallow the homeopathic remedies! They don’t absorb through your digestive system like the medicines you might be used to, please allow for them to dissolve under your tongue
* please leave 15-20 minutes between taking your remedy and having something to eat or drink (apart from water, which you can drink as much and as often as you want!)
* 1 granule = 1 dose. Taking 2 (or more) granules of the remedy will not make it work any faster or stronger, homeopathy works a bit like an ‘information’ therapy- it lets your body know where and how to bring back the balance and, once it’s done that, your body if fully capable of applying all of the needed changes. This also means that it’s impossible to overdose on homeopathy- whether you take just 1 granule or the whole remedy vial at once, your body will still receive one dose of the information.
* for sudden problems, you can take up to 3 doses of the remedy within 24 hours, each dose will act as a further ‘nudge’ for your body to deal with the symptoms. If, after 48 hours your symptoms change or have not improved, please get in touch with a homeopath as it’s very likely that you may need a different remedy!
* peppermint, camphor and menthol act as antidotes to homeopathic remedies. If you diffuse one of them as essential oils or have a peppermint tea whilst taking homeopathy, you have a very good chance of the remedies not working!

Jadwiga James