by Ellie Bird

Autumn means for me:Seeing the beautiful colours of the leaves as they begin to fall giving us carpets of golden hues of rusty rustling fun for the kids and adults alike. I love walking with my dog through woodland seeing his excitement as I kick up the leaves and he rushes to catch them barking happily.Nature provides us with beauty and an energy we can all benefit from. Being outdoors now breathing in the air replaces our lost energies depleted by the everyday pressures we face which can exhaust us.Harvest markets and late summer fairs and shows people hoping for an Indian summer – which we certainly saw last Saturday! There are lots of things to look for and excite us in the coming months Strictly is back!…. But back to nature here’s a few things to enjoy and look out for : Conkers, acorns, blackberries, pumpkins, jam making, harvest festival celebrations, Halloween, spooky stories, bonfires, fireworks, toffee apples, jacket potatoes, crisp chilly mornings, and wearing boots and wellies.
 Happy Autumn everyone! x