By Eileen Strong 21/2/23

Last  month, we shared with you our idea for hosting specialist “Wellness Days” at Acorn.    Each of our Practitioners has some very specific specialist skills, experience and knowledge that can be combined with a genuine passion to help you, dear reader, enjoy an awesome Wellness Day experience that we know you will love.

This initiative was initially inspired by World Cancer Day .. with a wonderful team of specialists here at Acorn who are super-passionate about helping people on their “cancer wellness journey”.  So whether you (or a loved one) are experiencing treatment now … or, are now fully in remission and have experienced the rigors of cancer treatment in the past .. we CARE! 

Yet we want to find out how we can absolutely create a beautifully supportive, nurturing, and practical  experience for you at Acorn that will help you fill in any gaps that perhaps have been missed so far .. a bit of extra support if you need it, brainstorming, inspiration, motivation, pure TLC … treating you as a whole person, mind body and spirit. 

So once again, may we invite our readers who have any experience of Cancer to participate in our Survey.  Thank you to everyone of you who took the time to do that last month, we really appreciate what you have shared with us so far.  And of course, we’ll be branching out into other specialist areas too !! 

Help us to help you .. and others too – complete our Survey

Please take just 2 minutes out of your busy day to  click below to complete this very short, concise Survey – it will help us to plan and select our Top 3 most  important services that we’ll offer to our clients on the Wellness Day.

Click to Complete Cancer Wellness Day Survey

Just fill in the survey, then click SUBMIT.  You’ll receive a confirmation from JOTFORM to let you know it’s been sent.    Thank you so much for taking the time!  We really appreciate your help.  (Feel free to remain anonymous on the form if you prefer to do so, but if you do share your name and email address, we’re happy to get back to you personally)

Alternatively, please email me direct at to register your interest and receive the survey direct to your inbox.