Mother’s day for many is a time of joy, but for others can be a time of dread, especially if you have lost your own mum or have been struggling to become a mum for many years as our very own ARR trained Reproductive Reflexologist Rachel Hill knows very well.  Four years ago having just gone through a failed cycle of IVF, it just so happened that my husband and I were in a hotel overnight for a friend’s 40th.  As we went into the breakfast room, on the day that coincidentally happened to be Mothers Day, we were greeted with a rose and wished Happy Mother’s Day!  Rachel fondly recalls wanting to punch the young girl!!  Not the girl’s fault at all, but infertility is such a hush hush subject.  For years Rachel has been asked if she has children to which she has always replied “just fur babies”.  But as time has gone on, she has no longer felt uncomfortable saying to people “No, I’ve not been that lucky”. 

Rachel recalls another time when she had an early miscarriage and then a female colleague at work announced her pregnancy and the baby would be due as the same time as her own.  This was not the only time Rachel went home and crawled under the duvet to hide from the world.  Having to “pretend” for the colleague how happy she was for her, whilst the whole time privately grieving her own loss.  Every time a friend or family member announced a pregnancy, the grief has been insurmountable.  Every time someone posts a baby scan on social media or baby births … at times it has been unbearable.  She blankly refuses to attend baby showers!

So, having been divorced first time round due to her infertility, and the ensuing grief from her husband going on to have 4 children with his new wife, to then meeting her second husband, going through IVF which Rachel recalls as the most horrendous experience of her life, to then going through the adoption process which is equally as stressful and reaching a point where she felt she could mentally put herself through no more stress, bizarrely the universe took her to embark on her Reproductive Reflexology training.  Rachel wants no-one to go through the horrendous infertility journey she has been through.

Latterly Rachel has decided to adopt some donkeys instead!!  More fur babies …. 😊

So here at Acorn we are proud to introduce our Pre-Pregnancy Package.  Rachel Hill, also a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist has teamed up with Jadwiga James, Homeopath and Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner to offer you a full pre-pregnancy package which includes a contraceptive detox with Jadwiga if required, and Reproflexology sessions with Rachel, as well as diet and lifestyle advice.  The programme could take up to 16 weeks, is individual to you, and is appropriate to both men and women.

Full details are attached here …

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