In recognition of Bowel Cancer Awareness day on 1 June, we’re offering a special discounted price on
our 90 minute Tranquil Sea massage which is specially adapted to support people
on their cancer journey – whether in
treatment currently, or in the past – and is also especially beneficial for
people with chronic illness such
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care endorses a whole person integrative
approach to cancer support. We are all
so much more than just our physical symptoms which is why a holistic approach
is always so effective. The mind, body, emotions and spirit of a person are all
connected and synchronous with eachother and all need to be addressed in the
course of disease prevention and recovery.

The Tranquil Sea massage is so supportive for the mind, body
and emotions. It helps to:

Promote deep relaxation to help your immune
system be as strong as possible

Provide some relief from pain and discomfort

  • Lead to improved physical and
    emotional confidence
  • Reduce isolation and reduce fear
  • Restore a sense of balance and
  • Improve sleep quality

The Tranquil Sea massage is a fully adapted massage utilising
the gliding strokes of Hydrotherm massage with
Cancer Touch therapy and slow Tui Na Chinese movements. The treatment couch has 2 warm-water filled
cushions resting upon it, which the client reclines on throughout their
massage. This makes it super comfortable for people who find it uncomfortable
laying on their stomachs as they can stay reclined or semi-reclined for the
whole massage with no need to roll over half way through.

Tranquil Sea provides this unique combination of adapted
techniques to provide a 100% safe and enjoyable experience for anyone
undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or in recovery from surgery and can be
adapted as appropriate e.g. PICC lines, lymph node removal, surgical sites etc.

As we learn more and more about different types of cancer, a
whole person, integrative approach to prevention and recovery can help you get
back in control of your health. There
is no one-size-fits-all solution to anyone’s health challenges but taking time
out from the daily stresses of life helps you tap into you body’s inner healing
wisdom and from a powerful part of your holistic recovery plan.

Tranquil Sea Massage
Offer Alert!

Normally £55 /
totally tranquil 90 mins Get £15 off when you book before 1 July.

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