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Using energy to realign posture with the lightest touch

Therapies, Workshops & Classes Posted on Tue, August 20, 2019 06:15PM

See Powerful, Practical Energy Healing in Action!

Find out more about Quantum-Touch energy healing.  And see the body alignment demonstration: no bone crunches! Just the lightest touch.

The event is limited to 1 hour.  As time is limited, attendees will get special event bonuses on QuantumTouch taster sessions and treatments with me, and find out how to get more than £50 off the price of my next QuantumTouch 2-day training.

The event is free, but places are limited so please book by clicking the following Eventbrite link.

CLICK HERE for your ticket to see energy healing in action.

Is it possible?

Being able to alter posture using energy is something that conventional science claims to be impossible.   

However,   I have learnt that it IS possible!  

In fact, as a QuantumTouch practitioner and massage therapist, it’s something I do often as part of my treatments … and there is no bone-crunching or force involved because it is pure energy-work, creating changes on a quantum or sub-cellular level. 

It’s a foundational part of all my therapy work.  I have not only used energy to help realign human structure, I’ve used it for animals too and it’s extremely effective.

Below is a picture of a diary cow having her first QuantumTouch session to help realign her pelvis after a difficult calving.  I’ve worked with an ex racehorse too, and numerous other 4 legged friends that were having issues with pain from structural imbalances.

Seeing is believing

When I first saw someone realign posture using energy,  I wasn’t sure I believed it. It happened in less than 2 minutes and there was no force or manipulation involved. 

That was over 10 years ago at my first ever QuantumTouch weekend workshop.  I was no stranger to energy-work at that time and was open-minded and eager to learn.    I’d already been using Reiki and  Meridian Energy Therapies for several years. 

It was fascinating to watch.  The Instructor invited a member of the audience up to help with the demonstration, and several of us had the opportunity to measure the alignment of the lady’s hips both before and after the demonstration – just like in the picture below.  The pelvis was out of alignment and was 2inches higher on the right hands side, with a pelvic tilt forwards too. 

Everyone in the room held their breath while the healing demonstration was in progress.  Eyebrows were being raised, and people were quietly murmering to eachother.  “Did you see that?”   “It’s straightening”  “The bones are moving!”   At no time during her 2 minute healing session was the volunteer alarmed or worried or concerned about the sensations she was feeling.  She said she had a feeling of peace and calm flow over her and she had a soft smile on her face.

After the 2 minutes were up, her hips were re-measured .. and they were now completely level.  A few of us got up to check and re-check and check again for ourselves!   Yes, we all had to agree, the hips were level and the entire pelvis had realigned, not only left to right, but front to back too.  I was amazed at the speed of it.  I honestly had not seen anything quite like that before.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness the human body in it’s natural rhythm and flow.  It knows what to do to heal itself.   And when you know that,  you can trust it more and more, and just do everything you can to support it.

We are all healers.

It’s a very natural human thing to want to help others, isn’t it?    We all have basic human needs that include love, touch, social support and a sense of connection.    

  • If you have ever felt the desire to help someone else who is in physical pain, you are a healer.  
  • If you have ever reached out to hug someone who was upset and needed comfort, you are a healer.
  • If you have family, friends or pets that you wish you could do more to help, you are a healer.

This basic desire to help comes straight from the heart.  Don’t ever doubt it.  You are already a great healer.

Woo woo or voo doo

When you connect with your heartfelt desire to help,  you are already tapping into a limitless energetic resource you can use to do energy healing.     When you learn how to access this resource, you can do wonderful healing work.  

But what if the concept of energy fields and healing may be a little strange to you.  Perhaps it’s something you think is just some kind of woo-woo or voo-doo and something to that brings up feelings of fear for you.

Or perhaps you are a natural skeptic, and won’t believe anything unless you can see it.

Or, maybe you have thought about energy healing in all its different forms (there are very many!) and wondered if you have to be born a certain way or with a specific gift to be able to do it.

I would just like to say to all of you, you don’t have to believe it.   Nobody is trying to make you believe something you don’t want to. 

But if you are interested, I’d like to invite you along to my upcoming event so you can find out more about it, and see what happens for yourself.  You may even get the opportunity to be a volunteer too.

The event is limited to 1 hour.  As time is limited, attendees will get special event bonuses on QuantumTouch taster sessions and treatments with me, and find out how to get more than £50 off the price of my next QuantumTouch 2-day training.

The event is free, but places are limited so please book by clicking the following Eventbrite link.

CLICK HERE for your ticket to see energy healing in action.

Are you travel-ready?

General Health & Wellbeing Posted on Tue, June 25, 2019 12:11PM

Summer and warm weather are approaching in big steps (or so I hope!)

Are you planning a vacation or a stay-cation this year?

Hotel at the seaside or a camping trip?

Evening strolls on the beach or a BBQ in the garden?

Whatever your plans are, I have some tips to make your holidays less stressful with a little help from….


Homeopathic remedies are indispensable both in long and short-stay journeys.

I always take my Homeopathic First Aid kit with me whenever I go away.
Why, you might wonder?

Well, that’s because I like to refer to natural and toxin-free ways for dealing with health problems, whether they are painful grazed knees, itchy mosquito bites or a headache from being in the sun for too long!

Homeopathy has over 4000 remedies, so it is very easy to feel baffled when trying to depict which one is the most suitable for your problem.

As I like to make life as nice and easy as possible, I thought I will put list of some of the most common problems experienced by holidaymakers at the start of they journey with the most popular remedies needed to alleviate them 🙂

I think every one of us knows somebody who is scared of flying (or maybe it’s even you!).

If the thought of going on an airplane makes you feel dizzy and turns your legs into jelly, you can try to take a dose (or two) of Gelsemium before venturing out on your journey to the airport, and then again whilst waiting to board.

Motion sickness? Not a problem! Motion sickness can affect us in different ways (and so we might need different remedies to address it), two of the most common scenarios are:

If you go pale, cold (yet sweaty) and shivery, then you would certainly benefit from a remedy called Tabacum, you can take it before a planned journey as well as during, if needs be.

If, however, the worst thing during travelling is the smell (or even thought) of food, your stomach feels cold and hollow whilst the rest of your body is all trembley and weak, you can opt for Cocculus.

Jetlag is definitely one of the problems which can put you off enjoying your getaway to the full for the first few days. To prevent and ease the possibility of feeling jetlagged, you can take Arnica just before, during and after the journey.

Did you know that you can use homeopathy for both minor problems and chronic conditions?

We offer a FREE 15 minute introductory chat is you’d like to see if Homeopathy would be a suitable option for you, you can even book online:

Bowel Cancer Awareness Day

Therapies Posted on Tue, May 21, 2019 03:40PM

In recognition of Bowel Cancer Awareness day on 1 June, we’re offering a special discounted price on
our 90 minute Tranquil Sea massage which is specially adapted to support people
on their cancer journey – whether in
treatment currently, or in the past – and is also especially beneficial for
people with chronic illness such
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care endorses a whole person integrative
approach to cancer support. We are all
so much more than just our physical symptoms which is why a holistic approach
is always so effective. The mind, body, emotions and spirit of a person are all
connected and synchronous with eachother and all need to be addressed in the
course of disease prevention and recovery.

The Tranquil Sea massage is so supportive for the mind, body
and emotions. It helps to:

Promote deep relaxation to help your immune
system be as strong as possible

Provide some relief from pain and discomfort

  • Lead to improved physical and
    emotional confidence
  • Reduce isolation and reduce fear
  • Restore a sense of balance and
  • Improve sleep quality

The Tranquil Sea massage is a fully adapted massage utilising
the gliding strokes of Hydrotherm massage with
Cancer Touch therapy and slow Tui Na Chinese movements. The treatment couch has 2 warm-water filled
cushions resting upon it, which the client reclines on throughout their
massage. This makes it super comfortable for people who find it uncomfortable
laying on their stomachs as they can stay reclined or semi-reclined for the
whole massage with no need to roll over half way through.

Tranquil Sea provides this unique combination of adapted
techniques to provide a 100% safe and enjoyable experience for anyone
undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or in recovery from surgery and can be
adapted as appropriate e.g. PICC lines, lymph node removal, surgical sites etc.

As we learn more and more about different types of cancer, a
whole person, integrative approach to prevention and recovery can help you get
back in control of your health. There
is no one-size-fits-all solution to anyone’s health challenges but taking time
out from the daily stresses of life helps you tap into you body’s inner healing
wisdom and from a powerful part of your holistic recovery plan.

Tranquil Sea Massage
Offer Alert!

Normally £55 /
totally tranquil 90 mins Get £15 off when you book before 1 July.

More information on
my Cancer Support Services visit my website

Hay Fever

General Health & Wellbeing Posted on Tue, May 21, 2019 03:38PM

Watery, itchy, bloodshot eyes, blocked up or runny nose, sneezing
or fatigue….?

These are just some of the symptoms allergic rhinitis otherwise
known as hay fever can bring as the months start to get sunnier.

Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to airborne substances.
The body’s immune system becomes overly sensitive and over reacts to the
substance, causing histamine to be released, this histamine causes the symptoms
associated with hay fever.

What substances can cause allergic rhinitis/hay fever…?

Tree pollen: late
March – mid May

Grass pollen: mid May –

Weed pollen: late June
– September

As well as mould spores, dust mites, pet hair/dander,

I’ve put together a few natural tips you can try at home to help
combat hay fever, so you can have your best summer ever:

Omega 3. The “bunged up”
sensation is caused by the mucus membranes in the nose becoming inflamed. Foods
such as chia seeds, salmon, mackerel and walnuts are rich in omega 3 which is a
great anti-inflammatory.

A spoon of local honey a day
could help desensitise your immune system to the local pollen helping to reduce

2/3 cups of green tea a day. Green tea is reported to boost the immune
system and is a powerful antioxidant and may also be able to help reduce

Your 5 a day is full of allergy
fighting flavonoids, as well as antioxidants and vitamin c for the immune
system. Did you know vitamin c is also a great natural antihistamine.

Fresh pineapple contains
bromelain a good natural anti-inflammatory a refreshingly juicy way to help
with the “bunged up” sensation helping you to breathe easier.

Lower your stress, stress can
really affect your immune system.

Garlic a natural anti histamine,
anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and decongestant…!!!

Spices….a good chilli or
anything spicy containing chilli peppers can help to unblock the nose,
capsaicin found in chilli peppers, helps to break down mucus causing it to flow.

Rinse your hair regularly to
get rid of any pollen which has got trapped

10. Brush or bathe cats and dogs regularly to reduce the pollen
coming in on their fur

11. Avoid histamine producing foods and drink such as pickles, cured
and smoked meat, nuts, alcohol and cheese

Starting from the beginning of June I’m going to be offering a new
treatment aimed at helping people suffering with allergic rhinitis/hay fever. The
treatment will be combining reflexology, aromatherapy and facial massage.

So how can this blend of treatments help…?

Reflexology is wonderfully relaxing and can help boost the immune
system as well as relieve and open congested sinuses, reduced stress, help to
clear a stuffy head and reduce inflammation.

I’ll also be using a special blend of aromatherapy oils that act
as a natural antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and decongestant

Whilst the facial massage tops your treatment off deeply relaxing
you, helping to reduce stress, to clear the sinuses and bring relief to itchy

This new treatment is £35 get in touch to find out more or to book
your treatment

I hope you enjoy trying out these natural tips and have lots of
success with them let me know how you get on….!!

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